Steps to Cleaning Spills on Your Carpets

When something spill son your carpet it can be a little bit worrying and difficult to figure out how to best get the spill out so it does not turn into a huge stain. Each spill will be a little bit different to deal with and will come up with different results. One of the best ways to figure out how to best deal with each individual stain is to take a quick second and look online to see what people suggest to get out each individual kind of spill. The internet is like having millions of wise old grandmothers right there at your disposal at all times so take advantage of it.

If you are not going to or do not want to search for every particular stain solution though, here are a few basic steps that are generally a good solution for pretty much every kind of spill.

The most important thing by far is to act quickly. Do not sit around and let the stain sink into the carpet and the carpet padding even more. At least put some paper towels on the spill if you need to go and find the cleaning solution.

Have a good selection of cleaning products. If you have a spill in the carpet few things are going to be able to get out the stain as well as a cleaner that is specifically made for carpets. Of course, there is a line where soap is just soap but at least try to have a few kinds of cleaners around that are specifically made for the kinds of furniture and flooring that you have in your home.

Remember to blot and not to rub. I know that almost all of us, including myself sometimes, try to rub the stain with a water and soap combination hoping that eventually, the stain will come out. This is counterproductive though. The more you rub, the worse the stain is going to be stuck in there. Fight every urge that you have to rub that stain into the carpet any more than it already is.

If you work on the outside of the stain and then try to work your way in towards the center this can help keep the stain from spreading. Again, even if most of us know this we will end up doing it anyway but please try and keep it in mind.

Make sure to call a professional carpet cleaning company every once and a while to get out all of the remaining discolorations and stains that are stuck deep down in your carpets. It is generally suggested that you get your carpets cleaned every six to twelve months depending on how dirty your carpets get in the meantime. Doing this every once and a while can make a huge difference in how your carpets look and how long you are able to keep that nice and fresh look. Usually, you can even find coupons and specials online so that you can get a good carpet cleaner at a really good price.